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8 Things to Consider Before Getting a Waterproof Dog Bed

Any dog owner will confirm that a messy dog and a regular dog bed are not a good combination. If your dog loves water, puddles, or rain, what are you going to do? Nobody wants to wash a dog bed every single day, right? The solution: waterproof dog bed. 

But just like any other dog product, the options are limitless. There are simple types like pillows and there are fancy dog beds that come with all the necessary extras. In this article, we will discuss the most important factors that make up a great dog bed. 

Continue reading below to see what you need to consider before getting your dog its own comfortable place to rest. 

8 Things to Consider Before Getting a Waterproof Dog Bed

1. Water Resistant does not mean waterproof

Many people see advertisements stating water resistance and do not think about the actual meaning. However, this term is significantly different from waterproof. Before you make the purchase, read the product descriptions carefully. 

A water-resistant dog bed will provide some protection against liquid. These are made from materials that can limit the damage but not prevent it. There is no stopping the water if you leave it out under the rain.

Waterproof alternatives, in turn, offer plenty of protection against large amounts of water and liquids, and even urine. If your dog has a tendency of getting wet and messy, the simpler option will not do the trick. 

Always read instructions and advertisements carefully. People often purchase the wrong dog beds. Also, keep in mind that good quality weatherproof beds usually cost more. If you are looking at a cheaper product, chances are it is not waterproof. 

2. Waterproof dog beds are suitable for outdoor use 

Dog owners often search for beds suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If the bed is not waterproof, using it outside is never a good idea. But if you have a yard and your dog loves spending time there, you need a bed that can withstand the elements. 

If you leave a regular dog bed outside in the morning, you will have to wash it entirely in the evening. A waterproof one, in turn, will be protected from water, dust, and mud. All you need to do at the end of the day is either wipe it off or wash the removable cover. 

3. Where will you put the bed?

This moment is also not to be neglected. First of all, know that it is good for the dog to have its own personal space and privacy. Places, where there is a lot of noise, constant movement, or exposure to currents, are not suitable for your pet.

Once you've identified areas in your home that are right for your dog, it's time to think about how the bed will fit. Are they spacious enough to provide him with a bigger bed? If you have already chosen the most suitable place, it is good to consider what shape of the crib will be suitable for him depending on the arrangement of furniture at home - round or rectangular? 

In addition, manufacturers now offer a wide variety of colors, materials, styles,

and designs for waterproof beds for dogs. And this gives you the opportunity to combine the design of the dog bed with the interior of your home.

4. Materials

Some dogs are simply more playful and chewy than others. In these cases, you need a dog bed that is made from sturdy and durable materials. This often means that you will either have to pay a higher price or compromise with comfort. Dog-proof beds may be durable but they do not always provide comfort with your dog’s needs. 

With the abundance of products on the market, it gets harder to filter the really good products. Luckily, if a bed is waterproof, this normally means that it is made from quality fabrics and fillings. 

The ultimate option is to search for orthopedic memory foam beds with polyester covers. Polyester is perhaps the most common material in high-quality weather-proof dog beds. It will keep the bed dry while the special interior will provide your dog with the ultimate comfort.

Yes, this is often the more expensive option but we all want the best for our furry family members. With a quality brand, you will only have to pay extra once and then forget about a new bed for at least several years. Not to mention the health benefits that memory foam brings to the table. Young dogs and old ones, in particular, often have needs that owners fail to realize. 

When purchasing a dog bed, we recommend getting in touch with a veterinarian. If possible, speak to the one that is usually taking care of your canine. He/she will be able to tell you the most suitable type of bed and probably also give you exact models to choose from.

5. Pick the correct size

To answer this question, you must first take the measures of your pet. Using a tailor's meter, measure the length of the dog's body - from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Then measure its height - from the ground to the top of the withers (the transition between the back and neck). 

Add about 20 cm to these dimensions to find out what the length and width of a waterproof bed for dogs should be. This will give your dog enough free space to feel comfortable. Keep in mind that there is no way to choose the dimensions absolutely accurately, down to the last millimeter, but this is a good guide. 

However, if in doubt, it is better to choose a larger size, because more  room is never superfluous, but the lack of enough area will probably cause him discomfort.

We have provided a chart that you can use during your search for the perfect waterproof dog bed. Keep in mind that these are only our recommendations. You may find slightly different figures somewhere else. Moreover, beds come in various shapes and often do not correspond to the regular sizes that we listed below. 

In each case, you can base your search on the following chart.

Dog Size/Weight

Bolstered Bed

Pillow / Basic Mattress Bed

XSmal l-  0 - 5 kg

55 cm x 40 cm

75 cm x 60 cm

Small - 5 - 10 kg

60 cm x 45 cm

90 cm x 75 cm

Medium - 10 - 25 kg

70 cm x 55 cm

115 cm x 90 cm

Large - 25 - 45 kg

100 cm x 65 cm

120 cm x 95 cm

XLarge - 45+ kg

120 cm x 95 cm

130 cm x 115 cm

6. Waterproof cover / entirely waterproof

Do you want an entirely water-resistant bed or one that simply has a waterproof protective cover? Most high-end dog beds nowadays come with removable covers which is great. However, these cannot ensure long-term water resistance. Your best bet is to search for those that have waterproof bases besides the cover. 

Why is a waterproof base better? Even with a quality protective cover, you will have to wash the entire bed from time to time. In these cases, search for machine-washable beds. Be careful as not all beds can be washed entirely. 

In turn, if you purchase one with a waterproof base, you can rest assured that it will not need additional cleaning. With these beds, you will only have to wash the covers and occasionally the entire bed. Not to mention that bacteria growth is extremely dangerous for dogs and a dirty bed can cause serious infections and health issues.

Of course, when you want better, you have to pay a higher price. There are good fully weather-proof beds out there at low prices but be careful with the materials. Our recommendation is to spare some extra money for a dog bed that will last many years instead. 

7. Bed type according to the position in which the dog sleeps

The next thing you need to consider is the type of bed. This is something important from the point of view of the pet's sleeping posture. Most dogs have a preferred sleeping position in which they feel most comfortable. 

To provide them with optimal comfort, it is good to match the type of bed with the specific position of the body during sleep. You probably already have a good idea of their sleeping pattern. Assuming you also already measured your dog while it is sleeping, here is everything else to consider.

  • On the side
  • In this position, the dog lies on one side with legs stretched forward. To make them feel even more comfortable, pets sleeping this way like to have support to support their backs. Suitable beds in this case are mainly those with a rectangular shape. In addition, they should be spacious enough to fit the whole body of the dog. 

    Waterproof dog beds with a high soft board provide back support. Pillow/mattress types are also suitable, as long as they are soft enough and well padded. This is important in this position because the tension falls on the shoulders and thighs. Orthopedic mattresses are also a good option because they provide the necessary support for the body.

  • Curled up
  • This is a very common pose. Usually, pets first spin in a circle, then lie down and curl up in a ball. This pose is typical for dogs who like to be around people. It also makes your fluffy friend feel safe and secure. Round beds with soft boards are extremely suitable for canines that sleep this way. They fit the shape of the body and provide support on all sides. For small breeds that sleep in this position, soft hollow houses are also suitable.

  • On the back
  • This is probably the funniest pose. If your pet also likes to sleep this way, you should choose a bed with a soft and stable base. This is important because in this position the spine needs support. Orthopedic mattresses are also especially suitable for dogs sleeping on their backs. 

  • On the tummy
  • The characteristic of this position is that the dog sleeps on its stomach with as stretched front and hind legs as possible. In this position, the pet seems to strive to take up as much space as possible. For this reason, the best choice is a bed/pillow or mattress. In addition, it is good that its size is slightly larger than necessary to have enough free space. 

    8. Dog breed, age, and health status

    In this part of the article, we will give you several good tips on choosing a waterproof bed for dogs based on the dog breed, age, and health issues. In addition, however, we recommend that you consult with your dogs' veterinarian or any specialist beforehand. 

    It is good to know that young and healthy dogs will feel good in the simplest type of bed. This means that you can settle for cheaper options with basic foam filling. 

    In turn, if you have an older dog or one with health issues, we recommend high-end medical-grade foam beds. These beds will provide additional comfort and support for the body. 

    If your dog has arthritis, make sure to choose a hypoallergenic dog bed. Any other choice will not be optimal for the health of your canine. 

    Final Words

    Getting a waterproof dog bed for your canine is the most practical choice for a variety of reasons. You will only have to spend money once and forget about the problems for at least several years. 

    These beds are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for traveling. You will never again have to worry about your dog getting its bed all wet and dirty. 

    Now that you have been introduced to the most important things to consider before getting a water-resistant bed for your dog, there is only one thing left. Pick one that will provide your dog with comfort and at the same time will be the most practical solution for you and your home.