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Top 7 Dog Beds For Great Dane: Prices and Fabrics

Great Danes are a challenging breed of dogs. As the years go by, many different health issues could appear, often associated with their large size. So you just can't let them sleep on the ground or the uncomfortable sofa. You need a suitable dog bed for a Great Dane. 

In this article, we have listed the 7 best dog beds on the market. These beds will improve the health of your dog and give it the comfort any canine deserves. Continue reading below to see what is the best choices and learning how to choose the right bed. 

Top 7 Dog Beds for Great Dane

  1. FurHaven Goliath Orthopedic Bolster Bed

This dog bed is the perfect choice even for a pair of Great Danes. It can support up to 300 pounds of weight and is made with orthopedic foam that does not lose its shape.

The bed comes with two bolstered sides giving your dog extra options for comfortable sleeping. Last but not least, it comes with a machine-washable removable cover. Cleaning will never be a problem with this bed. 

  1. Big Barker Orthopedic Pillow Bed

Here is another giant orthopedic dog bed suitable for Great Danes. This is a premium product made from 7-inch-thick medical-grade foam. This means that it is as good as a human mattress, if not better. Did we mention that it is also water-resistant? Or that it will retain 90% of its shape even after many years of use? 

The removable cover is hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for dogs with allergies or skin problems. With one bolstered side, this bed provides both comfort and extra space for sleeping. Last but not least, it comes with a 10-year warranty. 

  1. K&H Elevated Dog Bed

This product by K&H will support up to 200 pounds in dog weight and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The design is user-friendly and can be assembled without a single tool. 

Polyester is not the most suitable material for dog beds but as long as your Great Dane does not have allergies or skin problems, it will not be a problem. Plus, this dog bed is breathable and waterproof. It cannot be machine washed but the fabric allows for easy wipe-off cleaning. 

The best thing about this dog bed for Great Danes is the size for the low price. This is an incredible budget option for outdoors or traveling.

  1. Brindle Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed

This dog bed is another extremely affordable alternative for a Great Dane. The bed comes in several sizes but you will need the largest option. 

It is made from shredded orthopedic memory foam and comes with a removable washable cover. This is a bed that will relieve your dog from most of its pains. While it is not made from medical-grade foam, this is also evident in the price. No other dog bed on the market can provide the same quality for this low price. 

  1. Kopeks Deluxe Round Sofa Lounge Dog Bed

Dog sofas are becoming more and more popular and there is a good reason. Dogs love to have their own comfortable place that resembles their favorite couch or sofa. 

If you want a round dog bed for your Great Dane, nothing beats this one by Kopeks. Made with hypoallergenic 6-inch thick orthopedic memory foam, it will improve your dog's health. It is waterproof while it also comes with a washable removable cover. 

  1. Dogbed4less XL Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Dogbed4less XL dog bed is a fantastic option for lower budgets. It is made from entirely hypoallergenic memory foam that will not lose its shape over time. It has proven to be better than the average human-grade mattress. 

The bed itself is waterproof but it also comes with 2 removable covers that can be cleaned in a washing machine. If you are looking for a high-quality dog bed for your Great Dane at an affordable price, Dogbed4less is the answer. 

  1. The Dog's Balls Premium Plush Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


Made from premium grade orthopedic memory foam, this is a dog bed that provides all the necessary therapeutic comfort for dogs with health issues. Not only is it completely waterproof, but it comes with hypoallergenic removable covers. 

This dog bed is suitable for Great Danes of all ages but is particularly good for older dogs that need extra comfort. As the company suggests, you should try it yourself. It will likely be more comfortable than your own bed. 

Materials and Fabrics


Great Dane's are massive dogs, there is no doubt. The good thing is that they are rarely proactive. In fact, despite their size, Great Dane's love to sleep. They do, however, often have nesting behaviors that could endanger the integrity of the bed. They will not tear apart the dog bed on purpose but they will need a durable that can withstand chewing or digging. If you want the Great Dane dog bed to last a while, you need to stay away from cheap materials and fabrics. 

  1. There are several suitable fabrics to look for in a dog bed for a Great Dane. These are cotton and canvas. As for the material for the actual bed, always choose orthopedic or memory foam. This is a high-quality option suitable for all dogs with health problems. If you have a Great Dane, you certainly know that they do have a number of health problems. If your budget allows it, settle for a memory foam dog bed that will give them extra comfort.
  1. Other than that, you better choose a washable dog bed. We will give you several good options below. If not fully washable, at least get one with a removable cover. Dogs will be dogs. No matter the training, Great Danes can sometimes be messy. For older dogs, we also recommend water-resistant dog beds. 
  1. Last but not least, if your dog has allergies or skin problems, there are certain beds that are more suitable than others. Hypoallergenic beds often come at a higher price but believe us when we say that it is worth it. What does a hypoallergenic dog bed for Great Danes mean? 

This type of bed can be made from all kinds of materials. The difference is that the materials are woven so tightly that waste like dead skin or oils cannot penetrate it and create a dirty and irritating environment. If your Great Dane has sensitive skin or allergies, the dog bed should be hypoallergenic. 


Dog beds can be both cheap and extremely expensive. When it comes to Great Danes, you can hardly hope to stand on the cheaper side of things. And honestly, you shouldn’t. This is a breed that is prone to health issues due to its size. Therefore, your dog needs the most high-end bed you can afford. 

Generally, the price depends on the materials and size. The better options start at around $100 although there are good dog beds for less. High-end choices can reach $200-300 and are generally worth the price. 

Final Words

Great Danes are dogs that require a lot of attention and care. If you fail to give them the most comfort and care when they are young, unwanted health issues will develop that will force you to spend extra when they are old. For this, we highly recommend getting your Great Dane a high-end dog bed as soon as you bring the puppy home.

Beds like the ones by Dogbed4less and Brindle are fantastic choices for a lower budget. If you feel ready to spend extra, we shared some fantastic high-end options. In the end, all that matters is that your Great Dane needs a dog bed. You may not realize how impactful this purchase can be for your dog but believe us, it will truly appreciate it. For more information about choosing a bed for your Great Dane, click here to see more choices of dog beds.